Customer Enquiries

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 16th of January 2018.

So, I took a call towards the end of the day, just like many I have taken over the years but, the difficulty for most brokers seems to be becoming the norm for us these days. 

Part of the conversation went something like this;

"I have a broker I have used in the past and, on most of our vanilla cases he has been fine but, as this case is proving to be far more complicated I think he is struggling.  After attending one of your partners educational meetings it was recommended that I speak to you."

Well, the case is going to be complicated based on the information I have so far and I can’t guarantee at this early stage that I will be able to do any better than the callers existing broker but, it’s a testament to the reputation we are creating that we are becoming the go to firm for this type of work. 

The property lending market has become far more difficult over the last 10 years and we have had a lot of changes to deal with.  The regulators have and are making it more difficult for professional and amateur landlords to buy property these days and, in my opinion some of these changes are needed.  I believe their intentions are to protect consumers and improve the professionalism of the business and this can only be good. 

Yeah, we’ll all have a moan over the coming months but, the true professionals will get on with it as we have always done.